Why..would you follow me?

Your name is KASHTER KNOX. You're an EXTREMELY ANNOYING individual with bad habits such as SMOKING and being DEPRESSING AS FUCK.
You're not quite sure why but you've apparently acclimated QUITE A FEW friends and have a good group of FOLLOWERS.
You're NOT ALL THAT INTERESTING at all, and don't understand why people would follow you. You reblog HOMESTUCK more often than not, though you also tend to post anything that makes you SMILE. Which. Is hard.

Gonna stop rambling now.
My Moirail


Guys except for Nick (http://aerosocks.tumblr.com/) I honestly don’t remember who these furs are! If you recognize them, or if you were the suiter, PLEASE PLEASE send me an ask with your name and if you want, link to your tumblr so I credit you! <3

Such beautiful and awesome suits I was a dumpass and didn’t have a camera until the second day and was still trying to figure it out (we just went to BestBuyand bought one) so I didn’t get near as many pics as I wanted but I DID record the entire fursuit parade so I’ll have that uploaded to my Youtube soon hopefully.

Nick (Yellow, Black White Corgi) - Aerosocks
Piper (White Fox w/Nick) - http://pepperleopard.tumblr.com/ (you’re adorbs btw)